Established in 2016, MorEquity (formerly Women’s Empowerment and Equality board) has served as an enabling platform, driving community projects and bringing Emirati and residents of the UAE together. There are over 150 members from the UAE’s largest and most influential organisations who meet regularly for workshops and collaborate on community projects driving change.

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To see a world where gender balance initiative are no longer required.


To enable community members to take an active role to create more equity within their professional lives, in alignment with the UAE’s vision.

Our 2020 Plan

  • Encourage members to take the MorEquity Pledge to set a plan for self-development, to support another woman and to drive change through community projects.
  • Create and run a mentorship programme.
  • Increase strategic partnerships and link with diversity councils to share best practices with our members.
  • Continue to provide events for our members.
  • Initiate three community projects for our members to develop and deliver.

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